More than love... it's Glåüm

The world is a complicated place. We are constantly faced with so many options and decisions, it can be hard to know what is Glåüm and what is wrong. So many struggle to find meaning, value, and a sense of completion. This is why our members are always trying to help others find their way to Glåüm.

I wanna Glåüm


Why should I camp with Glåüm?

Burning Man (and its regional burns) is more than just a festival. It operates on the 10 principles, and creates a temporary civilization that defies the rules of conventional society. Decommodification being one of those principles, the offerings at these festivals are completely donative. This means that all of the sound stages, interactive art, and workshops at the event are gifted by participants. This also means that YOU are the event. No one is hiring artists or musicians to perform for you. That is what makes all of the art and music so special. All of the art and performances enjoyed at these festivals is gifted by members of the festival. And there is an overwhelming amount of it.

By being part of a camp, you are actively participating in the event and giving back. It’s not a requirement to join a camp, and there’s nothing wrong with attending the event as a participant- that’s what general camping is for. However, by contributing to the event by participating in a camp, you are actively integrating yourself in the fabric of what makes the festival what it is. Not only is this a great feeling, but it makes accepting the wonderful offerings of these festivals so much easier, because you have the knowledge that you are giving back and contributing equally.


So what does it mean to camp with Glåüm?

When you join the Camp of Glåüm, it is expected that you will:

Additionally each pod will have a pod lead. This person will do their best to guide their pod and offer direction, and act as the main liaison to the camp lead. This is an additional responsibility and is in no way required, however does come with extra Glåüm points!


Curator/Greeter Shifts

The Glåüm tent is an area where people are encouraged to come inside, relax, be comfortable, and connect with others. In order to make this an inviting space where people want to be, we will hold opening hours where snacks and drinks are served. As a curator it is your job to take charge of the space. Do your best to make people feel comfortable and relaxed; this is your gift and offering. This is also your chance to educate people about Glåüm and its teachings! If you care to, you are welcome to bring an offering of your own, for instance making pancakes or some cookies from home. This is not required though, and the camp will provide materials to make warm drinks. You are allowed and encouraged to be creative with how you curate the space, but the tone should be whimsical, silly and relaxing.

Of course this only works if people know that this awesome relaxing space exists. It is the greeters’ job to stand out front of the Glåüm tent and invite passersby to stop in and check out what’s going on inside. Be lively and engaging, and encourage people to stop in.

Set Up Pod (Early Access Required)

Setting up the Glåüm tent at the start of the event, inclusive of lighting and decor.

Tear Down Pod

Tearing down and packing up the Glåüm tent and facilities at the end of the event.


This role is delegated by a lead and carried out amongst the team. LNT Responsibilities:


Are you an organizational wizard, looking on with sadness at the rest of us burners, madly trying to remember where we put our water bottles, as you sip happily from your own vessel that you were smart enough to label ahead of time? If so, please share your organizational skills with the camp! Secretary Responsibilities:

Virtual Cat Hearder

Want to contribute early so you can kick back and relax at the event? Virtual Cat Hearder Responsibilities:

Physical Cat Hearder

Administrative role at the event itself. Physical Cat Hearder Responsibilities:


Feel like getting your craft on? Signage Responsibilities:

Photo Board

Help the camp get to know each other! Photo Board Responsibilities:

Sound Pod

Our Glåüm initiation ceremony will celebrate its new brethren by throwing a dance party. This will require:

Bar Pod

During our initiation party, we will provide a bar offering Glåüm’s signature cocktail. Bar Pod is responsible for:


We in the Glåüm community value connection and creative expression. Our goal at BitF is to provide a space where people can take ease in a relaxing environment that facilitates genuine connection with one another.
We would also like to balance out that relaxation with an opportunity to drop some wicked dance moves and turn that stranger on the opposite end of the dance floor into your new best friend.

We at Glåüm have curated an amazing relaxing space that we would like to open up to the public at BitF. We have a 20x20 hexagonal tent, filled with diffused lights, cushions, music, and some truly incredible people. We will be serving warm drinks and food throughout the evening to accommodate a restful atmosphere. Passersby are encouraged to take cover from the sun and dust and close their eyes as one of our members serves them warm apple cider, pancakes and cookies. The tone is whimsical, silly and relaxing.

It's an amazing space, and we take radical inclusion seriously. We believe everyone should be included in Glåüm. Radically. This is why we make it a priority to recruit as many people to our lifestyle as possible. Everyone is welcome, and in fact strongly encouraged, to join Glåüm, and a Glåüm initiation ceremony is held at the end of the week. We understand that not everybody knows about Glåüm. This is a problem. That is why members make it a priority to spread the good word of Glåüm to as many people as they can through their time at BitF. Camp members are supplied with Glåüm pamphlets outlining Glåüm's literature, member testimonials, and, most importantly, the time, date and location of our Glåüm initiation ceremony.

Those interested in accepting Glåüm into their hearts and joining our community are invited to recite their Glåüm vows at our ceremony. Once the initiation is complete, there will be a post-initiation dance party to celebrate the joining of our new brethren.

The post-initiation party will be complete with a set of Glåüm's most notorious DJs, and there will be a bar serving Glåüm's signature cocktail.